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Special Delivery Requirements for En-Masse & Display Releases via Express Courier Delivery (+ $15 surcharge applies due to additional packaging and courier costs.)


If you are located in an area where delivery is via Express Courier Delivery it is important to note that for the safety of the butterflies they are unable to travel loose inside the butterfly cage. 


To make this type of release possible via Express Courier Delivery:

  • The butterflies will each be placed in protective individual boxes to hold them safe and secure during transit, together with our insulated packaging with cooling inside that replicates their natural hibernation so they safely sleep.

  • The butterfly cage (empty) will arrive either together with your butterfly delivery, or time permitting this may be sent to you in advance.

  • Easy to follow instructions are provided to transfer the butterflies into the release cage, this is easily achieved while the butterflies are slow and sleepy. 

  • Transferring the butterflies into the cage is to occur on the day of the release, ie. prior to you leaving for the service/occasion, the butterflies inside the release cage are then safe to simply take with you in the car where travel is involved.


TIP: Have a friend or family member travelling from a Metro area (Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne)? Consider having the butterflies delivered to them, this way we can deliver the butterflies already in the release cage. It is safe for the butterflies to travel in the car inside the butterfly cage, provided travel is the same day as the release. If the day prior, then protective packaging will be required to keep the butterflies asleep overnight, with transfer into the release cage, as above.


ALTERNATIVE: If you prefer the butterflies come ready for release (ie. with no need to transfer) you may want to consider an individual style release.  As the butterflies travel safe and secure in our specially designed Individual Butterfly Release Boxes they can be delivered via Express Courier and the butterflies are simply released directly from the individual boxes with no further handling required.


Individual releases are perfect to share with family members, children, grandchildren and/or friends... with you each joining in together to release the butterflies in unity this achieves a similar 'en-masse' release of the butterflies while also being a very personal experience.


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