FAQs... We understand there can be plenty of questions regarding our amazing butterflies.  Below are answers to frequently asked questions...

Where do the butterflies come from?


Our butterflies are especially breed in their natural environment on our farm.  They are nutured and protected through their incredible lifecycle from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis and finally emerging as a big beautiful butterfly ready to be released.

What happens to the butterflies after the release?


The butterflies will happily continue the rest of their natural lifecycle.  They are native to all areas of Australia so will naturally inhabit any area in which they are released.  Releasing butterflies has a positive impact on the environment and helps to replenish the sadly depleting butterfly population.  

What type of butterflies are available? Is there a choice of colours?


We specialise in breeding the Monarch butterfly plus other beautiful native butterflies for releasing, available butterfly specie can depend on environmental factors and other natural conditions. Our butterflies are large and vibrant for optimal visual effect, they are safe to touch and to interact with humans, native to all areas Australia-wide so will safely continue their natural lifecycle whilst having a positive impact on the environment and posing no threat to other fauna or flora.  The Monarch butterfly is a beautiful golden orange and black in colour with some white features, as seen in various photos featured throughout our website.  We will not provide butterfly species of lesser impact or suitability for releasing simply to offer a choice of different colours.  The natural beauty of our butterflies provide a visually spectacular effect regardless of any 'colour theming' of a particular occasion, and in fact it can be better to contrast in colour to highlight the butterflies against other colouring both for visual impact and for photography.

Do the butterflies need to be released in a particular environment / location?


It is essential that all butterfly releases take place during DAYLIGHT hours (at least about an hour before sunset) and completely in an OUTDOORS location.  Butterflies go to sleep at night time and can not fly affectively.  No roof should be overhead as this will impact on the beautiful flight of the butterflies upwards into the sky.. and will also risk the welfare of the butterflies.

Are butterflies always available?


We are constantly breeding butterflies, however we are working with nature which means butterflies are always subject to availability.  Specialising in the short notice involved in funerals we always aim to provide butterflies within a short timeframe and with as much ease as possible.  Please submit your Order Request and we will confirm as quickly as possible.  For occasions where notice is possible we recommend contacting us with as much notice as possible so we can secure your requirements in our schedule.


Note: SEASONAL availabilty ~ butterflies are cold-blooded which means they hibernate when its cold and need the temperature to be warm for them to be able to fly.  Therefore they are not available during the colder winter period, depending on your location in Australia > click here for further info

How are the butterflies delivered?


Delivery arrangements depend on your location in Australia, and also whether you are wanting an Individual Butterfly Release or an En-Masse & Display Butterfly Release > click here for further info

How are the butterflies kept safe?  Is there a Guarantee?


Our release packaging has been specially designed for the welfare of our butterflies so they are always perfectly safe. As butterflies are cold-blooded our packaging contains protective cooling packs inside to keep the butterflies cool and dark, this puts the butterflies into a natural hibernation-type sleep.  That way the butterflies are never stressed or harmed in any way.  We proudly offer the highest level of expertise and guarantee our butterflies will always be healthy and vibrant ~ 100%

I've heard that the butterflies are frozen, is this true?


NO, this is not true!  Our butterfies are never frozen!  Our butterflies are kept in protective insulated packaging that has cooling packs inside that simply reduces the temperature to replicate their natural hibernation.  Under no circumstances should the butterflies be placed into a freezer.

I thought butterflies only live a day or two, is this true?


NO, this is not true!  The Monarch butterfly is the longest living butterfly specie and will live for up to approx 9 months. It is common to think that all butterflies only live a day or a week ~ but this is a myth!

I've heard that you can't touch the wings of a butterfly, that they will not be able to fly or worst die! Is this true?


NO, this is not true! There is a commonly believed myth that touching a butterfly hurts its wings, perhaps this comes from childhood stories but the butterflies are perfectly safe to touch and interact with... and a very special experience!

What do I need to do after I receive my butterflies?


All our release packaging is designed to keep the butterflies 100% safe. There is nothing difficult to do and easy to follow care instructions are provided.  We are passionate about ensuring a safe and spectacular butterfly release experience and we are always available to assist should you have any questions.

Still have a Question?


Feel free to Contact Us and a member of our team will be happy to answer any question you may have.

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