~  Express Courier Delivery $40 ~


  • Delivery to arrive the day prior to the funeral or memorial via Express Priority Courier. 


  • Avoids timing concerns, and no need to wait for the arrival of a courier on the actual day.


  • Specially designed insulated protective packaging is provided for peace of mind that the butterflies are perfectly safe.


Did you know? Butterflies are cold-blooded and hibernate when they are cold, our packaging is insulated and contains cooling inside which replicates this natural hibernation so the butterflies 'sleep' during travel to you and in the time prior to release.  Easy to follow care instructions are provided.


100% Guarantee The welfare of our butterflies is our highest priority and we proudly guarantee they will arrive 100% safe and healthy!


  • Essential to nominate an address where someone will be throughout the day to personally accept the courier delivery, can be a home, work or business address on your behalf. 


  • We use one of Australia's fastest and most reliable courier companies but unfortunately it is not possible to specify delivery time ~ therefore it is important to nominate an address where someone being present for the delivery does not cause too much inconvenience.  Suggestion: discuss with your Funeral Director delivery to their office, or to a friend or family member at a business address.


  • Some remote locations may be excluded, plus Courier LIMITATIONS apply for services taking place on a Monday, Tuesday or the day following a Public Holiday - arrangements may involve delivery of your butterfly package via direct flight to your local airport to ensure fast arrival when regular courier service is unavailable (surcharge $20) : please Contact Us for further info and availability


TIP: Have a friend or family member travelling from a Metro area? Consider having the butterflies delivered to them and they can simply bring them to the service for you.  OR discuss with your Funeral Director the possibility of delivery to their office.  One less thing for you to think about.

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