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Butterflies hibernate when cold & may not be available for release during winter

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The Butterfly Nature’s majestic symbol of change, transformation and beauty... and has long represented the beginning of a new journey, freedom, love and new life.


Releasing butterflies adds a truly beautiful, symbolic and memorable touch to a funeral or memorial service... Or for an uplifting tribute when scattering ashes or laying a memorial plaque.  A butterfly release can also make for a very special touch when remembering a loved one on their birthday or on the anniversary of their passing... or on any occasion for a loving remembrance.


Butterfly packages are based on your choice of how many butterflies you wish to release… For a very touching and personal experience family and friends may each release their own butterfly right from the palm of their hands from specially designed individual butterfly release boxes. Alternatively, an en-masse number of butterflies can be released from an elegant butterfly release cage to fill the sky with a memorable and graceful display.  See our Pricing & Packages


At Beloved Butterflies we understand that a funeral service is an extremely personal and emotional journey, and our specialised team appreciates the limited time involved when it comes to making all the arrangements required. We pride ourselves in offering a unique special touch at this difficult time with as much ease as possible, and with our expertise we are constantly breeding butterflies so as to fulfil requests on short notice. However, as we are working with nature we do recommend contacting us with as much notice as possible to confirm availablity and to arrange the best possible logistics for delivery.  (*Note seasonal availability during colder winter months).


We are proud of our reputation of providing a superior quality service and work regularly with many of Australia’s leading funeral companies. Feel free to have your Funeral Director contact us on your behalf if your prefer, otherwise we also welcome you to contact us personally if we can assist further.


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